About Us

Missy Monsour, Owner M & M Painting

In 1995, I was restoring an old house that I had recently moved into. The work was back breaking – peeling countless layers of wallpaper, patching holes, scraping old drips and globs left by years of change – but I loved every minute of it. It didn’t take long for me to see a passion for the work and embrace my true calling. So, I quit my office job and, as they say, I never worked a day again.

As a woman-owned business in a male dominated profession, it has been challenging to be taken seriously. And after my first male business partner suggested I shut the company upon his move out of state, I took that as a challenge. Throughout the past 26 years, I have taken every opportunity to help other women also interested in the industry.

I approach jobs from a different perspective. From our first meeting, we go beyond just a quote to discuss your theme, color design, and vision for the space. We talk room staging and possibly how we can work with other contractors involved to bring your vision to life.

Over the last 20-plus years I have had the privilege to paint countless homes, businesses, and gathering spaces. I particularly enjoy working on old buildings and focusing on historical and period restoration. The business has also found focus in cabinet and furniture refinishing and one-story exterior work including porches and decks.

To me, it’s more than just painting houses. It is creating a space where you can feel confident and comfortable and one that you can feel proud to call home.

Missy Monsour, Owner of M & M Painting of Greensburg